Pop definitely has his work cut out with this team. Gotta say tho, shouldn’t we all be surprised that the US was winning this game in the 4th Q before losing their composure. 3 guys arrived at midnight the night before the game. They add 2 more players, and lost Beale last week. This team has hardly practiced together, much less played meaningful games and France is as good as it gets!

Plus just gotta wonder why the US Team was built with so many thin, fast, shooters. They lack quality size as France proved. They are also super thin down load, hope Bam stays healthy.

Chemistry and size will be their Achilles. And they are built around outside shooting, so they won’t win games shooting 36% from the field! Wow!

Anyways, realize the bar is high for the Americans, but if they get better they should expect to beat France in a rematch and who else scares you more? Slovenia? Italy? Spain? The US has a great shot at Gold, just need to get the chemistry worked out and team rebound/defend like their lives (and Pops reputation) depend on it!

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What a great column! Seriously. Provoked some chuckles at an old man's expense. Very dark stuff, but so insightful. Thanks.

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