Also, Re: Gasol…

Warren Sharp has popularized the notion in football of having “quarterback redundancy” as far as backups approximating the skill set of the starter. In that vein, getting DeAndre Jordan to approximate Dwight’s skill set as a rim runner & rim protector would make some sense. Heck, it worked for their championship season, which is not even a calendar year over yet… 😱

But, I still am in favor or a floor-spacing Big, and I hope they go after Boogie Cousins over Jordan. He played well in spurts for the Clippers last season, and it’s not like they are unfamiliar with him. By all accounts, he was a good lockerroom presence in his time in LA while he was rehabbing his injury.

But, we’ve had plenty of chances to get him the last couple of seasons and we have chosen not to. So, maybe, we just are out on Boogie… :-/

By your reporting, though, it looks like it’s farewell to Gasol. Never really thought he got used correctly by Vogel and the coaching staff. And despite that, the team still had a strong positive net rating in the starting lineup. He looked really bad post-Covid and in the Olympics. Perhaps, the team saw that, too, and decided to explore other options. Fare thee well, Marc… 😕

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Still think the “baseball-style” series should be referred to as “And-1’s.”

It both references a popular basketball phrase and is self-explanatory for what it entails—one additional game playing the same opponent in consecutive games at the same location.

Could see it become common in a very short time…

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