You got the Warriors 12 place behind the Knicks Get off the CRACK !!!!!!!!! You call yourself a professional 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we are 8-0 without Klay Lmao terrible your going to take this L all season long We just beat both LA teams and we’re at least Top 3 not 12 you should be fired your clearly low balling them

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Aside from the ongoing Ben Simmons and 76ers drama, do you foresee any other big name trades or moves before the season opener that would dramatically shift these rankings?

And the Bulls at 15 surprises me. A lot of unknowns around the new roster but alot of people are expecting big things from them this season. As much as I would love to see them compete again, I was also one that held high hopes for both the Heat and BI/Zion/Adams etc in NO and that lead to alot of disappointment last year.

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I want to be a homer here and say the Mavs are ranked too low, but without a true point to spell Luka, our ceiling is what it is written, yes. If we do acquire Dragic, though, we can be right in the Warriors-Nuggets tandem of potential spoilers in a WCF. A Dragic/Brunson/DFS (THJ)/Sterling/WCS will be nasty to any bench unit and we could actually have a 10-men rotation as far as the playoffs.

About the rest of the rankings, I just think the Rockets could be the surprise of the season. Not a high seed, of course, but if Wall can lead that young core, they could easily snag that 10th seed and, after that, it's just 2 games for a post-season birth.

Minny is set to disappoint, specially if they go all in for Ben Simmons.

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Well, I think my Lakers should be #1, but hard to quibble with being in the Top #3, and best in the west.

I like most of the rankings overall. The only one I can quibble with is Portland being way too low. As long as Dame is there and with the Nance signing, I have them over the Mavs.

Now, if Dame gets traded, obviously, that won’t be the case, but I think they will be a 4/5 seed, battling out with Golden State and Denver.

We’ll see how it all plays out. Excited for training camps to open in 3 weeks! #thisleague

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If anyone has something to say about the rankings, order, comments, etc. ... weigh in here and I will respond to as many as I can.

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I’m a biased Warriors fan, but I think the Knicks overperformed and got lucky and they’re going to fall back to earth this season.

Kemba was a good value add but there’s a reason he went for so cheap: he now has an extensive injury history and is a tiny 31 year old guard. Fournier has looked decent in the regular season but he’s been a minus in the playoffs. Randle had a great year but he still was only the ~15th best player in the league and he was so quick to jump on a sub-max extension that it makes me think that *he* thinks last season might have been an aberration.

I’d put the Knicks below the Warriors and Mavericks.

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