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As a 20+ year head coach at HS level, I have fussed about this USA-wide deficiency for years.

I love that a seasoned writer, such as you, has brought this to public eye.

The issue is, from what I've watched for 20 years, is a deteriorated coaching focus on simple basics.

Rebounding is key to a game being won.

The lost art of boxing out a player is THEE key to winning the boards.

Coaches rely WAY too much on their players' athleticism instead of simply teaching them what Dennis Rodman did as well as any player ever... BOX OUT!!!!!!!

When they begin to teach them to BOX OUT again, we will see Rebounding stop being an issue in American bball.

Until that happens, don't expect Team USA to REBOUND from their abysmal #'s on the boards.

(yes, pun intended)

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Mitchell Robinson?

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Hey Marc good stuff. I would like for people to mention two important things. 1. We have molded some very good rebounders but they may play for other countries or don’t fit the scheme Team USA needs. 2. Rebounding is a team stat. This team is great in switchability but we couldn’t find a more slight or small team. 3 of our starters are small framed or small. Edwards and Jackson don’t rebound.

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