The best basketball movie is ...

I must confess that I have no plans to watch the Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James, just as I've never watched Space Jam starring Michael Jordan in full, because they are essentially movies for kids. I didn't have children yet in 1997 for the original, and my boys are too old to watch a movie with me now, so I'm hardly the target audience.

But I do want to talk basketball movies with you. With so much noise surrounding LeBron’s Space Jam, from the rough reviews to the big box-office numbers, this strikes me a perfect time to broaden the conversation and ask: What's your favorite basketball movie EVER?

I listed my top five in a February 2019 newsletter that sadly no longer exists in online form. My faves: 1. White Men Can't Jump; 2. The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh; 3. Blue Chips; 4. Hoosiers; 5. Forget Paris.

Please weigh in with your favorites. Or your Space Jam views if you can't hold back. Let’s discuss: