Rick Carlisle looks invigorated with this new Pacers squad. He doesn’t like his age at 64 and he’s coaching such a promising young team. Is it so crazy to predict he’ll wind up top 5 in coaching wins, does he have a shot at finishing top 3?

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Nov 24, 2023Liked by Marc Stein

Cincinnati Royals represent! Tying that Royals reference to the Pacers is my memory of Bob Arnzen, a friend of my family. He starred at Notre Dame in the mid-60s and was picked in the eighth (!) round by the Pistons, but went to the ABA instead. He played for the Royals, Pacers, and Nets. He owns a neighborhood pub in the town next to where I grew up in Northern KY, and one of my favorite sights there was a big framed photo of George McGinnis in action with the Pacers.

I used to play pickup ball at the same place at Bob in the 80s, and it was wild to me that he played pro ball because he was looked so normal compared to the pros then. Dude could still shoot lights out, though!


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