Nonflattering pose for Zion in that media day photo above, too.

eBay is the best. Or maybe the worst. So much cool old sports stuff, for cheap. I've purchased so many classic NBA cards for a buck or two. What will I do with them? No idea.

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There are plenty of us who would watch the NBA over the NFL if given the chance. Just not enough to please TNT, sadly. So frustrating that the NFL still dominates everything after a decade of revelations about concussions, mishandling of misdeeds by players and team management alike, and a tone deaf commissioner.

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I do not believe Zion will be on this Pelicans team in 2 years (2023).

Having said that, not quite sure what his trade value would be. The talent is unquestionably high, but there’s now a HUGE health risk in my opinion in trading for him. All teams know this and will try to lowball him.

But, the immense talent will probably make 20+ teams hold their noses anyway.

One team that immediately comes to mind is the Hawks. They have not only the pieces to get it done, but a Zion/Trae pairing can be lethal.

GM Travis Schlenk always wanted to make the Hawks “Warriors-East.”

Having Zion as their Draymond would go a long way to making this possible… 👌🏽

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