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The NBA has only one active 39-year-old this season ... and his name is LeBron James

2023 NBA Year In Review

The longest losing streak in NBA history actually started in mid-May for the Pistons

"You see it on the film you can't ... believe it"

The latest NBA trade chatter (and more) is here to add to your five-game Christmas Day buffet

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Should the Lakers be hoisting a banner for their NBA In-Season Tournament triumph?

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Draymond Green ... again

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The NBA's December wish list

Inside the stunning sale of the Dallas Mavericks

Sources: Mark Cuban has deal in place to sell a significant stake in the Dallas Mavericks to the family of Las Vegas billionaire Miriam Adelson

It's an NBA Power Rankings Tuesday!

The most fun-to-watch team in the NBA is ...

The NBA's worldly MVP race

The latest around-the-NBA chatter (and, yes, more Zach LaVine chatter)

Fancy passing + Draymond suspension reaction

The latest on the Zach LaVine trade market

The NBA's Texas Triangle is rebounding

An NBA tale about Michael, Kobe, The Answer ... and (make room for) Tyrese Maxey

Long preseason trips abroad ... are they actually, conclusively bad for NBA teams?

Poll question: A two-day NBA Draft?

The most desperate team in the NBA

More Wemby Mania

Can a 67-game tournament with only seven single-elimination games deliver for the NBA?

All your James Harden trade coverage

Halloween delivers another James Harden trade

USA vs. The World in the NBA All-Star Game? Not quite yet but "very, very possible"

Wemby Mania

Welcome back, NBA

Exactly what happens during the 2023-24 NBA season is exclusively revealed here today*

It's NBA Power Rankings time (at last)

The people's choice: Nikola Jokić

Who is the best player in the NBA?

(NBA) Survey Says ...

More from the NBA's longest-ever preseason trip

Scenes from Madrid

The longest preseason trip in NBA history

Hanging out in Marc Stein’s ‘virtual sports bar’

We have a trade to announce: Michael Jordan swaps the .413 Hornets for the Forbes 400

The best of NBA Media Day

The deadline in Philly that no one's discussing

Best team in the NBA's Eastern Conference?

Dame Trade Time arrives ... and morphs into Revenge of the Small Market Teams

(NBA) Survey Says ...

Time for a Dame trade?

The NBA season starts in eight days

After the latest Adam Silver press conference, we've still got pressing questions

The sobering reality, yet again, for the United States at the basketball World Cup

Basketball's new World Champions

Our FIBA World Cup latest ... and a question: Where have all the great U.S. rebounders gone?

For your holiday listening pleasure ...

The Tuesday Newsletter Extravaganza ... starring (who else?) Giannis

International intrigue all over the NBA map

Sources: Dončić signs new Jordan Brand deal

The only FIBA World Cup preview you need

The latest on the (latest) James Harden trade saga since our most recent latest ...

All the latest on the (latest) James Harden saga

Southpaw Scarcity in the NBA

The OFFICIAL 2023 All-Lefty Team

Twenty-five years of covering Dirk Nowitzki

An utterly classy class of Hall of Famers

The latest NBA whispers out of USA Basketball camp and one more trip to Sin City

Sunday Conversation: Dirk Nowitzki

Trying to see the sunny side in the midst of the NBA's scorching hot dog days

Details for your weekend listening (NBA) pleasure ... and some Joel Embiid discussion

For a supposed non-basketball country, Saudi Arabia sure knows how to full-court press

In the trade-happy NBA? Love is not eternal

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NBA Trade Watch continues ... but it's also time for some reflection on this Newsletter Tuesday

Where's the (NBA) beef?

The latest I'm hearing on NBA trade talk and free agency as Vegas' summer party wraps up

Darvin Ham unplugged on #thisleague UNCUT

Truths in season here on NBA's latest project

NBA Trade Market: Make it a party of three

The latest I'm hearing on NBA free agency and trade talk as Summer League tips off in Vegas

The latest I'm hearing on NBA free agency, trade, coaching and summer league matters

The Tuesday Newsletter Extravaganza

New week? New roundup of my NBA latest

What I'm hearing as NBA free agency shifts into Superstar Trade Season

Latest NBA free agency talk: What I'm hearing

On several NBA free agents and where they are likely to end up

Pinpointing the strongest Max Strus interest

Top NBA free agents and their likely landing spots

The final (or first?) Tuesday of this NBA year

On a major near-trade from draft night that may or may not be dead ...

Who do the Rockets really want in free agency?

Trade season, free agency week ... and all the latest I'm hearing

NBA free agency and trade talk I'm hearing

Free agency (and more NBA trades) here soon ... and here's what I'm hearing after a week of stars trading places

NBA Draft Day chaos already

Which All-Stars are truly in play for a trade?

Wemby Week is underway

Blockbuster trade analysis, more of the latest trade talk and, well, did we mention trades?

How the Bradley Beal trade affects Kyrie Irving's free agency

Why the Wizards need a Beal deal ASAP

More NBA trade, free agency and draft talk

NBA trade talk, free agency and draft latest

Trade talk heats up: The real potential for a blockbuster Bradley Beal deal

Would the Pels really trade Zion Williamson?

Daily Dime: The Denver Nuggets, at last, have reached peak elevation

Chris Paul, James Harden, Kyrie Irving and all the latest transactional talk in this Daily Dime

Daily Dime: Finals Game 4, new All-Star Game formats and more around-the-league notes

Daily Dime: On Denver's Dynamic Duo + full NBA Finals coverage and coaching news

Daily Dime: Simply the best ...

LeBron and the Mavericks

There's more from the NBA coaching carousel

Daily Dime: 3s galore set up hot, hot, hot Heat to even the score

FA Cup Photo Special!

Daily Dime: Rest 1, Rust 0

NBA Finals Daily Dime time!

The latest on Detroit's Monty Williams pursuit

NBA Finals Prediction Thread

It's Denver vs. Miami ... finally!

On Game 7, Bob Myers and more from the NBA's coaching carousel + transactional talk

Saturday Night NBA Fever


The latest from the NBA coaching carousel

LeBron? The retiring type? We say no way ... at least not yet

The demise of the Celtics + ALL the coaching and free agency latest + NBA Finals talk

The NBA latest on who's going where

At the NBA Draft Lottery, luck is everything and deserve's got nothing to do with it

Audio dispatch from the Wemby City

All the NBA latest PLUS a look ahead to a huge week in the Windy City

An (overdue) NBA Playoff Predictions thread!

An abrupt firing in Phoenix and all the NBA coaching latest

An ode to the organist + ALL the NBA latest

ChatNBA, anyone?

One week away: The Wembanyama Era

Vegas says: Celtics vs. Lakers in the NBA Finals

The NBA's harsh new reality

Who needs Lakers vs. Lakers now?

The NBA's Year of the Lower Seed?

Altitude with an attitude

There is winning and there is misery and now there is Giannis

The most underrated player in the NBA

As NBA playoff eliminations loom, so do tough trade decisions

Playoffs? Let's scan the rest of the NBA instead

Not-so-Golden State of mind

Sources: Mavericks' offseason retooling begins

NBA's weird weekend: No. 1 seed, No. 2 seed and superstars go down

We have a trade to report

We need to talk (yet again): Join me on Notes!

My would-be NBA awards ballots

On the playoffs, punches, tanking, Kyrie and ...

Fully disintegrated Dallas

Free throw shooting (still) never better

It's an NBA Power Rankings Tuesday!

An NBA weekend that will resonate for years

For your weekend listening pleasure

Ted Talk

Checking in ...

Disintegrating Dallas

For your weekend listening pleasure

Sources: NBA's Abu Dhabi presence only grows

Monday NBA Musings ... on a Tuesday

Kyrie The Maverick

For your weekend listening pleasure

We need to talk (yet again)

Actually make it three for MVP

The NBA's mildest West of all time

Scenes from an NBA showdown

On Ja Morant and so much more ...

Audio Dispatch: On LeBron

An NBA discussion about ... everything

The curse of allowing 150 points

Hawks talk and more NBA intel

The REAL All-Star problem for the NBA

It's an NBA Power Rankings Tuesday!

Dame Time!

Numbers Game (All-Star edition!)

All-Star Weekend preview with Jamal Crawford

Sources: Westbrook market taking shape

'Twas a tremendous NBA Trade Season

KD Trade: More to it than meets the eye

Talking NBA trade deadline

The NBA Trade Deadline That Wouldn't Stop

NBA Trade Deadline: Latest whispers

Audio Dispatch: The NBA's new scoring king

Kyrie Trade: Full podcast breakdown

Kyrie Irving traded! Dallas rolls the dice

NBA Trade Deadline: Weekend whispers

Malik Beasley talks trade deadline and more

Kyrie Trade Demand: What's next?

The latest NBA trade talk (in podcast form)

NBA Trade Deadline: Midweek update

NBA Trade Season is all-consuming

NBA Trade Deadline: Latest whispers

Debut episode of #thisleague UNCUT!

Let's choose All-Star reserves together

The latest NBA trade winds

The trade a whole league still talks about

NBA Trade Deadline: Latest whispers

Latest NBA trade winds

Steph Speaks ...

Sources: Reddish trade talks intensify

Pine time for an NBA nostalgist

NBA trade deadline: Latest whispers

Weekend dose of NBA trade intel

Chicago sends Dallas ... Portillo's!

NBA halfway mark: Lots of parity, lots of points

NBA Trade Deadline: One month away

NBA trade deadline time

Sources: Mavericks waiving Kemba Walker

The Christian Wood extension landscape

The King of Kings

Sources: More NBA stars to Middle East in 2023

NBA predictions for 2023 — community-style